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    Sep 22 2022


    6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

    TBC Worldview Night

    Who am I? Why I am here? Where am I going? And what does faithful Christian living look like in an increasingly post-Christian world?

    These are questions that young people are asking parents, pastors, and youth leaders. They are bombarded by messages that are contrary to the way of Jesus. So how do they know what to believe about things like sexuality and gender and how can they summon the courage to stand up for what they believe?

    Join Texas Baptist College for a special Worldview Night, where we will help equip your young people with truth of God’s Word and the tools they need to go into the world and live out their calling.

    We believe every human being is made in the image of God and has dignity and worth. We believe Christ has redeemed us from sin and is restoring us to our original God-glorifying purpose. We believe the Creator who designed us knows, better than us, what is best for us.

    Regardless of where God is calling you—to the mission field, to the business world, to athletics, to public service, to the job site—you need to know what you believe before you go. If you don’t intentionally cultivate a Christian worldview, the world will shape you with a different set of beliefs.

    So join us Thursday Night, September 22nd, at Sagemont Baptist Church in Houston. We’ll share a meal, hear from engaging speakers, and fellowship. Find out more information about Texas Baptist College.

    We believe God is calling young people to make a difference in their generation, to step into their callings with courage and civility, to live on mission for God as his redeemed image-bearers, sharing the good news of the gospel with the world. We want to help equip you to pursue God’s call upon your life, with faith and without fear.

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