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The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of #SWBTS met for its regularly scheduled meeting September 22 and subsequently accepted the resignation of President Adam W. Greenway, Chairman Danny Roberts announced today.

"Whether it's Hawaii, South Pacific, Asia, or Fort Worth, there's a world out there that needs truth."
- @chrishpbc

Watch the full #SWBTSChapel sermon here:

“The Gospel is life changing in its purpose. Communicate it with truth and in the setting to understand who we are taking it to.”
- @chrishpbc, #SWBTSChapel

“My favorite part was being able to worship with almost 7,000 other believers. Just to hear that many voices worshipping the Lord was almost unfathomable.”
- Kristen Patrick, #TBC student

Read more from the #Sing22 conference with @gettymusic:

#SWBTSChapel is starting now and we would love for you to join us!

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