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We are halfway through the fall semester and finals will be here soon!

Students, take advantage of this opportunity from the Center for Writing Excellence to learn best practices for writing book reviews.

“As long as you take in the practice of holding methodology loosely, but holding theology firmly, theology and God do not change."
- Matthew Waymack, #SWBTS student

Keep doing what is good even when ministry is tiring, preached @bartbarber, president of the #SBC and pastor of First Baptist Church of Farmersville, Texas, during his Sept. 29 chapel message at @SWBTS and #TBC.

Have you lost heart in the good you are doing? If so, @bartbarber's message in #SWBTSChapel this morning is worth hearing.

Listen to his full message here:

It's that time again, #SWBTSChapel with @bartbarber is starting now. Watch online at

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