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Texas Baptist College exists to glorify God by providing trustworthy Christian higher education for more faithful service to Christ.

Texas Baptist College students think biblically, reason truthfully, and share God’s Word effectively. At TBC, community is key to the way students are formed to be difference-makers in their world, with spiritual formation as the foundation. Prospective students and their parents can have complete confidence in the faculty who will be teaching them in the classroom and beyond. Our faculty are not only experts in their academic fields, but they also love, serve, and will lead their students to love the local church.

Originally opened as the College at Southwestern in 2005, our school was renamed in 2017 to honor Southwestern Seminary’s second president, L.R. Scarborough. Recently renamed, the name Texas Baptist College encapsulates very clearly who we are and what makes us distinctive as a Christian higher education institution.

  • TEXAS: We exist in the greatest state of the union, located in the wonderful city of Fort Worth, part of the Metroplex rich in opportunities for learning, recreation, culture, and ministry.
  • BAPTIST: We are unapologetic in our commitment to Baptist distinctives and to a vision of Christ-centered education that is committed to the richness of a heritage of faith that has long preceded us.
  • COLLEGE: We are committed to undergraduate education delivered with the highest level of academic excellence embedded in a graduate seminary with real-world training, giving graduates the skills to not only pursue a job, but to fulfill their vocation.

Three Core Distinctives of TBC


Jesus Christ is at the center of who we are, what we believe, what we confess, what we teach, and what we seek to practice in all aspects of TBC. The totality of our Christian worldview determines our commitments and orients our perspective. As ambassadors for the Kingdom of God, we are called to be salt and light in a fallen world.


God’s Word is the ultimate source of truth; it tells us who God is, who we are, and how we are to live our lives. Because we start with the question, “What does Scripture say?” our foundation is secure and our path forward is clear. The Bible is one grand, ongoing story that finds its culmination in the person and work of Jesus Christ.


Students are the most important people at TBC. The focus of all we do is serving students so that they may be deployed for maximum Kingdom impact in the church, marketplace, or wherever else God may call. We are a college that connects our students with other believers communally, academically, and spiritually. Texas Baptist College will become a home for our students as they make friendships that will last a lifetime.