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Meet Gabriel Carvalho, a Christian Studies student here at #TBC. Gabriel's call to ministry came with a call to prepare, and we're honored to have him here as a member of the #TBC campus community.

Here's his story in his own words.

“Dr. Shahid was a founder of the Islamic Studies program at @SWBTS and raised the awareness of the Southern Baptists to the need for the Gospel among Islamic people across the Middle East.”
- John D. Massey, dean of the School of Evangelism and Missions

“I pray that God [will] send light to those people who are in darkness. And if God wills it, I would love to be the one to show that light.”
- *Alexandra, @SWBTS http://M.Th. student from Southeast Asia

Today in #SWBTSChapel, we will hear from @micah_carter as he preaches through Philippians 2:19-30. Are you making plans to join us?

You can watch online at

.@SWBTSwmc hosted the first Sending Church Conference on March 16. Churches from Texas and Oklahoma desiring to learn how to send missionaries learned through large group and breakout sessions from former missionaries and state convention staff.

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