Associate of Arts in Christian Studies

Texas Baptist College

Associate of Arts in Christian Studies

Developing intellectual and spiritual maturity in every graduate

This degree provides philosophical and theological foundations for a wide variety of careers, callings, and future degrees.

Degree Highlights

  • 60 hours
  • Includes biblical studies
  • Includes critical thinking and worldview studies

The Associate of Arts in Christian Studies (AACS) combines theological education with the history of Western thought in order to develop the intellectual and spiritual maturity of every graduate. The degree prepares students to serve God and others in whatever chosen vocation, including Christian ministries, through worldview development and biblical studies.

Student Testimony

Degree Requirements

Old Testament IOTS 11133
Old Testament IIOTS 11233
New Testament INTS 21133
New Testament IINTS 21233
Biblical TheologyBIB 11733
Systematic Theology ITHE 30333
Systematic Theology IITHE 40333
Systematic Theology IIITHE 40433
HermeneuticsBIB 12333
Introduction to Christian ApologeticsPHI 12033
Spiritual FormationBIB 10133
Introduction to MissionsMIS 20133
EvangelismEVA 21133
English IENG 11133
English IIENG 12133
Critical Thinking and WorldviewREA 11533
Introduction to Christian EthicsPHI 33133
Introduction to Christian PhilosophyPHI 41133
World ReligionsSOS 21033
ChapelCHP3 semesters

Total Hours

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