Bachelor of Arts in Music

Texas Baptist College

Bachelor of Arts in Music

Pursuing musical excellence and spiritual depth

Music studies with an additional emphasis on biblical and historical studies

Degree Highlights

  • 123 hours
  • Includes general studies, theological foundations, and musical education

The Bachelor of Arts in Music (BAM) is intended for students who desire music studies on a less intensive track with a greater emphasis on biblical and historical studies. The goal of the degree is to train each student to be a well-rounded musician who will be equipped with an appreciation of musical style and an understanding of music history, music theory, and theology.

All students in the School of Church Music and Worship are required to minister in the music program of a local church or organization during the time they are enrolled in their degree programs.

Scholarship Auditions
Auditions for our ministry-based ensembles, graduate assistantships, and scholarships occur yearly in the spring and fall months.

Student Testimonial

Degree Requirements

Theory and Musicianship ITHY 11044
Theory and Musicianship IITHY 12044
Theory and Musicianship IIITHY 21044
Theory and Musicianship IVTHY 22044
Music History I: Antiquity-RenaissanceMHS 21022
Music History II: Baroque-ClassicalMHS 22022
Music History III: Nineteenth Century to PresentMHS 23022
Biblical Foundations of WorshipWOR 11022
Technology for Worship IWOR 32322
Conducting ICON 36222
Texas Baptist College Choir (first four semesters)ENS 10082
Southwestern Singers (second four semesters)ENS 10282
Piano Proficiency (students may need to complete Piano Foundations I-IV in preparation for PIA 1500)PIA 15000
Voice Proficiency (Students who do not pass the Voice Proficiency audition will take VOI 2402 and 2502 to satisfy the Voice Proficiency)PIA 15000
Performance Lab (eight semesters)PFL 11000
Applied Study - 8 semesters of Applied Study in voice, piano, or guitar (must enroll concurrently in Master Class)
Applied I (Voice, Piano, or Guitar)VOI/PIA/GTR 11011
Applied II (Voice, Piano, or Guitar)VOI/PIA/GTR 12011
Applied III (Voice, Piano, or Guitar)VOI/PIA/GTR 21011
Applied IV (Voice, Piano, or Guitar)VOI/PIA/GTR 22011
Sophomore Upper Level ExamVOI/PIA/GTR 20000
Applied V (Voice, Piano, or Guitar)VOI/PIA/GTR 31011
Applied VI (Voice, Piano, or Guitar)VOI/PIA/GTR 32011
Applied VII (Voice, Piano, or Guitar)VOI/PIA/GTR 41011
Applied VIII and Senior Recital (Voice, Piano, or Guitar)VOI/PIA/GTR 42122
Select two courses:4
- Song Writing for Corporate WorshipCOM 42322
- Conducting II: Choral and InstrumentalCON 36522
- Arranging and OrchestrationTHY 41222
- Voice PedagogyVOI 19022
- Introduction to Congregational Worship MusicWOR 21022
- The Ministry of Planning and Leading WorshipWOR 31022
- Rehearsal Techniques for Vocal EnsemblesWOR 31122
- Rehearsal Techniques for Worship BandsWOR 31222
- Culture, Philosophy, and WorshipWOR 32222
- Technology for Worship IIWOR 32422

Total Hours

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