Stepping from Homeschool to College

Texas Baptist College

Stepping from Homeschool to College

Wherever God calls, we'll help you get there.

Stepping from homeschool to college can be an intimidating journey for homeschooling families, so Texas Baptist College is here to guide you every step of the way. TBC professors are committed, not only to their students’ academic success, but also to their spiritual growth and maturity. Whether you’re headed to ministry, the marketplace, or anywhere in between, we will help you find your calling.

Wherever God calls, we’ll help you get there.

Why Homeschool Families Choose TBC:

  • Scripturally grounded
  • Academically rigorous
  • Extremely affordable - 90% graduate debt-free
  • Authentic community

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Why TBC?

Distinctly Christian

The Bible is the primary textbook in every classroom at TBC. All our curriculum is built on and every member of our faculty is dedicated to the unchanging, inerrant, and infallible Word of God. Additionally, every faculty member affirms the Baptist Faith and Message as our shared confession of faith. 

Additional Affirmed Statements:

Embedded on the campus of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, TBC students have access to seminary-grade professors and classes. Our classrooms are strongly informed by the methods of classical education, and students are challenged to read primary texts and engage them from a biblical perspective. Advanced students can even complete both their undergraduate and master’s degrees in 154 credit hours through the 5-Year Program. Homeschool students can make a seamless transition into their undergraduate studies and beyond through TBC's programs.

Over seventy-five percent of applicants receive financial aid, and more than eighty percent of TBC students graduate debt-free. We provide scholarships, financial aid, and financial counseling to students. Homeschool students can expect to receive ample support as they navigate the financial aspects of college life.

Additionally, all incoming and current students at Texas Baptist College who are active members of a Southern Baptist Church are eligible for the SBC Cooperative Program discount. This 50% discount is in the form of a reduced tuition rate and no scholarship application is required. 

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For homeschool students accustomed to a close teacher-student relationship, TBC is ideal. The student/professor ratio here is approximately 16 students per professor, allowing for our faculty to care personally and intentionally for each one of their students. 

Spiritual Life

Chapel services are held every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the fall and spring semesters, allowing students to prioritize their spiritual growth and providing the college and seminary community to worship together as a campus family. 

Missions and Evangelism

Here, we believe that missions and evangelism are an essential part of every believer’s life. So every year, TBC students have opportunities to serve on local, national, and international mission trips. In addition, the seminary’s missionary-in-residence program houses international missionaries on campus, providing students with the chance to fellowship with and learn from missionary families.


From game nights and color runs to talent shows and Easter egg hunts, our Student Life Team offers events and social activities designed to build community and help students cultivate lifelong friendships. Homeschool students have a wide array of opportunities to plug into campus life.

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As a distinctly Christian institution, the Bible is the primary textbook in every classroom on our campus. Additionally, as a college embedded on a seminary campus, we hold ourselves to a higher spiritual and academic standard. Friendship between our students and mentorship from our faculty are hallmarks of campus life here, and more than 90% of our students graduate debt-free. What's more, students in homeschool programs can start their college journey early through our dual enrollment program, which allows students to earn college credit in-person or online.

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